ACL DATA on older Adults and persons with disabilities

ACL/AoA State Program Report Redesign Comment Opportunity

All comments due by November 28, 2016. Email to

ACL/AoA would like your input as we redesign the State Program Report (SPR). Please click on the following links to download (1) proposed Data Model, Service List, Data Intersections and Data Element Tables; (2) Selected Data Element Definitions; and (3) instructions and a template for your feedback. Please send your feedback to by November 28, 2016. Questions on the comment process can also be directed to the email above.

Thank you - ACL’s Office of Performance and Evaluation

Documents you need to download:

  1. 1) Data Model, Service List, Data Intersections and Data Element Tables (PDF,477KB )
  2. 2) Selected Data Element Definitions (PDF,236KB)
  3. 3) Instructions and Feedback Template (Word,32KB)

Please note: the Office of Management and Budget Federal Register Notice will allow for formal comments at a later date.

Coming Soon!

We will be retiring our current website, Administration on Aging: AGing Integrated Database (AGID) this fall. Our new site, ACLDATA, will be available and provide a single, user friendly source for a variety of information on ACL supportive services and comprehensive systems of care for older people and their caregivers. As a user of the website, you will be able to quickly produce summary information from ACL-related data files and surveys, supplemented by Census-based population and demographic characteristics.

Check back soon to explore our new site!

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